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Juba the Leopard


Long ago in ancient times, the wisest animals from across the world gathered together and decided to take action regarding the selfish attitudes they were experiencing in their respective lands. These caring leaders launched a joint competition pitting teams of various animals from all parts of the world against each other in a multi-sport event called Creaturapolis. 
Through delightful illustrations and imaginative storytelling, explore the two-year journey leading up to the event and how it tests the patience and virtue of each and every creature from around the world as they form teams and train while building unlikely friendships with former predators.
Follow the colorful Scarlet Macaw Plucky as she corrals her ornery teammates. Be inspired by fur seal Pinnipea who loves the joy of competing with friends. Be amazed at the partnership between a ferocious lion and a tiny ant. Discover how every animal has a worthwhile contribution to their team.
The culmination of hard work, innovation, and unselfish teamwork leads to an exciting and unexpected finish that will leave the reader cheering for more!
Oregano is the site of the first ever Creaturapolis contest. Perfect for warm weather sports, the village is surrounded by grassy fields and bordered to the south by Emerald Bay. Cold weather sports are held on Mount Pepper, a tall mountain rising up from the valley into the highest clouds, surrounded by chilly waters. The host village is home to brown bears, owls, otters, lynxes, squirrels, and pine martens.
Niveous Isle
Niveous Isle is a frosty Antarctic island where various seals, penguins, whales, birds, and fish live. Led by fur seal Pinnipea and penguin Taylor, the Niveous Isle Nimble Squad boasts an agile ice and water-loving team including a sailfish, stranded from the warmer waters of his home.
Couloir Canyon
Couloir Canyon is parched and brown, sizzling hot during the day and slightly cooler in the evening, with tall mountains outlined by deep canyons. The environment’s severe conditions produce the never-tiring and fleet-footed Couloir Critters team of coyotes, bobcats, fire ants, eagles, ravens, snakes, mice, and scorpions, captained by golden eagle Soarus.
Svalbard is snow-covered most of the year, creating a landscape barren of trees and most plants. Home to polar bears, foxes, reindeer, seals, and birds, Svalbard fields a strong and talented team, the Screaks, led by polar bear Olav and Arctic fox Aspen. 
Kokachuu Rainforest
The Kokachuu Rainforest is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Exotic animal and floral plant life flourishes here in humid conditions underneath a canopy of towering evergreen trees. Formed by scarlet macaw Plucky, the Jungle Jocks team consists of athletic and menacing creatures including jaguars, gorillas, chimps, ocelots, birds, frogs, snakes, and a giant tarantula.
Carmelonia is full of sunshine, tall swaying grasses, a low growing tree line, and warm weather year-round. Here, the diverse creatures develop speed, size, and strength. Inspired by lion Lumino and organized by small guide ant Barbarant, the Carmelonia Crowns team contains an interesting mix of cheetahs, lions, wildebeests, giraffes, gazelles, ants, ostriches, elephants, and hippos.
Map of Countries participating in Creaturapolis