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Olav the Polar Bear
Earth is home to over seven million unique species of animals. With such variety and volume, the creatures inhabiting this world have survived a long time by learning how to share environments with animals quite distinct from themselves.

Imagine a world (with no humans!) where the animals fear they are losing the desire to peacefully co-exist. What would they do to save their precious planet? How would they teach their young ones to appreciate animals who are all different from themselves? What types of animals would be the natural born leaders?
explores this fantasy world of animals through the familiar lens of sports. Follow the endearing characters as they rise above their imperfections and weaknesses, together with their teammates. The story will inspire hope for a kinder generation.

Debbie M. Peek is the author of Creaturapolis, her first children’s novel. A native of North Carolina, she spends her time assisting with environmental programs, coaching high school tennis, and writing novels that entertain while illuminating virtues to make our world a better place. 

Ms. Peek has always been fascinated by the inventive minds of children. In her years of tennis coaching, she realized the impact a meaningful story can have on a young person. She strives to tell a story that is emotionally and visually captivating while inspiring people to act with compassion and integrity.

Debbie Peek Sitting in Chair